Popular Rides from Petaluma

Here are some of our favorite rides from Petaluma, all beginning near the corner of Petaluma Blvd. and "B" Street. The links are to maps created using www.ridewithgps.com. In addition to a route slip, we recommend consulting a good cycling map, such as the one put out by the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition, or the Krebs Wine Country Cycling map. Have fun!

10–25 miles, small to moderate hills

  • Carrie's Beginner 15-Mile Loop  (Great beginner route, a couple of little hills included)

  • I St. Loop  10 miles of scenic countryside. Best ridden on weekends or after the morning commute is over since many cars use the "I" Street Extension in the early morning to get to the freeway.

  • Chileno Valley-Spring Hill Loop  A classic. Preferable route is clockwise, as the bad road surface on Spring Hill is more manageable in that direction. Around 28 miles. You can also opt to turn around anywhere along Chileno Valley Rd. and head back to town, making it a ride of any distance you like. Watch out for the increasingly numerous potholes on Spring Hill Rd.
  • Wilson Hill Loop  Intermediate. A couple of good climbs in 20 miles, and a nice winding descent back to town on "D" Street. Good in either directionbut if you start out on "D" Street, wait till after the morning commute.

25–50 miles, moderate to steep hills

  • Our Tomales Loop  A Wheelmen staple. About 46 miles with a stop at the Tomales Bakery. We do this at least once a week, in every season. There are ways to make it longer & steeper (can take Wilson Hill/Marshall Wall to Hwy 1) or shorter and flatter (just take Bodega to Tomales Road both ways); consult a bike map to see all your options.  

  • Freestone Loop  Another popular bakery ride, also about 46 miles. We're showing you the clockwise loop, which is preferable on a Sunday, since you'll be going in the opposite direction of the RVs returning from the coast. Other days, you might prefer the counter-clockwise loop, and get your climbing out of the way on the way to the bakery! Recommended for more experienced cyclists: Burnside Rd. is steep in some spots, and there is some fast traffic on the short section of Bodega Hwy. Nevertheless a spectacular ride, with great views of Mt. St. Helena from the top of Burnside Road. This ride can be made almost completely flat by just taking Bodega - Valley Ford Rd. both ways. Note that Wild Flour Bread in Freestone is only open Friday through Monday, and usually closes for a couple of weeks in January.

Over 50 miles, for experienced cyclists

  • Petaluma-Occidental Loop  This is a beautiful metric century (around 60+ miles) taking you through Sebastopol, Occidental, and then through some coastal hills and home through the idyllic farmland of Chileno Valley. Covers some of the same area as the Freestone Loop above but more climbing and about 13 more miles. Your best stop is the Union Hotel or Howard's Cafe, unless (if it's on Friday-Monday) you want to press on to Freestone (see Wild Flour Bread, above).

To see our entire collection of routes, visit the PWCC Ride with GPS Route Library.

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