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Welcome to PCC "Ride Connect"! Connect (get it?) with other PCC members: post a ride that you are going to do, reply to someone else's ride post, etc. Connect for an individual ride with another member or to create your own group ride. Completely up to you. There are no requirements to lead or organize a group ride.

You must be a member, and logged in, to post or reply. There are basic instructions for posting and replying in the lower right of this page; you can also go to All About Forums for more detailed information.

Use Members' Forum to sell bike stuff, to share bike-related info or otherwise communicate with the club. 

Anyone can view posts; PCC members must LOG IN to create a topic, reply to posts, or edit subscriptions.

  • DO NOT create multiple entries for the same post
  • Use REPLY to post changes, cancellations, rescheduling of rides (this insures that a new forum summary is generated and sent out to subscribers)
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  • Log in
  • Click "Create Ride" 
  • Enter the details of your post
  • Click box "Subscribe to Topic" and select "Immediately."
  • Click on "Create" 


  • Day/Date
  • Pace/Distance
  • Destination or "Show and Go"


  • Log in
  • Click on the post you wish to reply to
  • Click the "Reply" button 
  • Click "Post" when you have finished your message


If you subscribe to the forum, or to any topic within the forum, you will receive an email notification of any new posts.



To subscribe, simply click the "Subscribe to forum." By default, updates are sent once daily; however, you can change the frequency of these email updates by editing your email subscriptions. 

  • Log into the PWCC website 
  • Click your name at the top right of the website and then click "profile"
  • Click the Edit profile button
  • Choose "Email Subscriptions"  
  • Scroll down to "Forums" 
  • Select "immediately", "daily" or "weekly" from the options in the box  
  • Click the Save button

The Club is designated as a 501(C)(7) non-profit organization by the IRS. The Forum may be used to post newsworthy items for members’ information on cycling related initiatives, regulations or public policy. If using the Forum as a place for exchanging comments, opinions or positions among members, please include your own contact information to separately carry on that conversation with those members privately, not on the forum.

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