Ride Leaders' Tool Kit – We Appreciate Our Ride Leaders!

Please consider volunteering to lead one of our rides. Everyone really appreciates having someone take a turn. If you've never led a ride before, we're happy to help out, and co-lead with you if you're unsure. You don't have to be the fastest or most experienced rider in the group. You can be the slowest rider and be an effective ride leader.

Here's a list of pointers and links to help you out:

  1. Sunday Rides:  These usually depart the River Front Cafe at 9:00 a.m. Be there around 15 minutes early to discuss the route with your group and get waivers signed if necessary. Route slips and maps are not required for these "regular" rides. Usually they are around 30–40 miles. Tomales is a popular destination on Sundays.
  2. Saturday Ride Post:  On Saturdays, you may start the ride anywhere (even out of town), at any time! But please post your route by the prior Thursday on the Ride Notification Email list.  Please use the Ride Posting Template to describe the ride (length, difficulty, etc.). Just copy and paste it into your email. See Item 3 below if you need help putting together a route slip. Please provide a route slip if you choose an out-of-town ride.
  3. Choosing your route:  Choose a route that appeals to you, or use one from our ready-made Popular Rides list. You can print a route slip by following the links on that page. You can also use  RideWithGPS to draw your own route. Or you can email any of the members for ideas, or ask for a co-leader for the first time. If you don't yet own a cycling map, good ones are either the Krebs North Bay Cycling Map, or the Sonoma County Bike Coalition Map.
  4. The Drill on Ride Day:  a) Remind everyone to have ID and emergency contact number(s) with them. b) Get any non-members to sign a waiver form. c) If anyone appears without a helmet, send them home! 
  5. During the ride:  Your main responsibility is to keep track of your riders. Don't be afraid to ask someone to help you out either at the front or the rear. Emphasize to your riders that we follow the principles outlined in Guidelines for Group Rides. If someone has a mechanical issue, there should be someone with them.
  6. Riders Under 18?:  We welcome junior riders, as long as 1) they bring a waiver form signed by a parent or guardian and 2) they are accompanied by an adult rider who assumes responsibility for them. You are not required to be that adult—they should bring someone with them.
  7. "Herding cats":  It's not always possible to keep a varied group of riders together. Don't feel badly if the group splits apart during your journey; it's sometimes inevitable. Just agree on some meeting places along the route, don't leave the slowest rider hanging out to dry, and everyone will be happy.
  8. HAVE FUN!




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