Hooray! PWCC is ready to start leading rides again. The weather is warming and the hills are greening. If you have led rides before for PWCC, we would like to ask you to volunteer again to lead rides at any pace. If you are interested, please get in touch with our ride coordinator, Jay Daniel, by email or text. We hope to start scheduling rides beginning March 14TH. The club’s plan is to first resume Saturday and Sunday group rides, as well as Monday’s Tortoise Riders; we'll add group rides as leaders are trained and COVID restrictions ease.

A PWCC Ride Leader is responsible for planning a course (i.e., Ride with GPS), choosing a pace, and setting a meeting time and place. We will post this information on our website and interested members can register and join along. As a Ride Leader, you represent the club, so a short training session (15-20 minutes by phone or zoom) on the responsibilities of being a Ride Leader and the protocols during the COVID pandemic is required before you can start.

Jay Daniel, PWCC Ride Coordinator




*(with masks of course)

The County of Sonoma recently launched a new Adopt a Road program, wherein organizations and businesses adopt a portion of a county road, pick up the trash alongside it, and in return, receive large signs by the side of the road, proclaiming who is cleaning up the trash.  The PWCC Board thought that it was a good way to receive free, positive publicity in exchange for a few hours of picking up trash and so voted to adopt Stony Point Road between Jewett and Meacham, due to its wide shoulders, copious amounts of trash, and frequency of use by cyclists.  Not only will that portion of Stony Point be clean, there will be not one, but TWO large signs saying that the Petaluma Wheelmen Cycling Club is keeping the road clean, one on each side of Stony Point.

Initially, there will be two two trash pickups a year;  if folks are chomping for a cleaner Stony Point, the clean up will be done quarterly.   The County will provide bright orange safety vests, grabbers, trash bags, safety signs and gloves and they will also pick up all the trash and recyclables we gather.  Huzzah!  

More information to come.  Registration opens March 20.  Hope to see you there, and be safe in the meantime!

Thank you Molly for organizing this event!

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