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Ride Announcements in Addition to the Calendar

PWCC offers a simple, free way to post and learn about rides from the wider cycling community.

To Subscribe:  Visit this website: http://lists.sonic.net/mailman/listinfo/pwcc-rides. Save your password, or create a new one that is easy for you to remember. (You'll need it if you ever want to unsubscribe or set list options for yourself.)

To Post:  Once your subscription is confirmed, you may post rides by sending an email to pwcc-rides@lists.sonic.net

To Unsubscribe:  Visit this website (you will need your password, assigned to you when you enrolled): http://lists.sonic.net/mailman/options/pwcc-rides

PWCC POLICY: Using the RIDE SHARE list for commercial purposes is forbidden, and doing so will result in your being deleted from the list. PWCC will not use any e-mail address information for anything other than club matters, and will not release e-mail information to any other parties unless required to do so by applicable law or law enforcement.

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