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  • Mike Olson and Brad Biancalana high above Calistoga on the Oat Hill Mine Trail.
  • Oat Hill Mine Trail.
  • George Muldoon (in rear). L to R: Mike Olson, Ryan Harding, Brad Biancalana, Matt Muldoon
  • Saturday, November 9. Gorgeous fall day.
  • Glorious Saturday "B" ride in November. We're all smiling because Sonoma Mountain Road is behind us!
  • Brad reacts to the Kruse Ranch Rd ascent in his own unique way.
  • "C" Riders encouraging young lemonade entrepreneurs.
  • Saturday, July 31, about to tackle Coleman Valley Rd. From left; Jim, Thor, Dave, Andrea, Tom, Mari (from Tucson, AZ), Rob, Sean, Bo & Donna. (Slotcar Bob snuck off ahead.)
  • Typical happy club ride: Tuesday, July 31
  • Mike "Big Block" Olson daintily tip-toes across Austin Creek.
  • "You want some of this?"
  • Matt "Nails" Naworski and his Barbie hydration pack survive the Boggs 8-hour.
  • Mike "Big Block" Olson at Tamarancho.
  • "Nails" Naworski doing the Tamarancho Two-step
  • Sunday B's on a gorgeous Mother's Day. From left: Rob, Karina, Thor, Kit, Andrea, Ryan
  • Sunday B's break at the Cheese Factory. From left: Rob, Kit, Thor, Andrea, Ryan, Karina
  • Saturday Ride, Fort Ross/Jenner: 3 happy Wheelmen ladies! From left: Betina, Andrea, Susan
  • Saturday Fort Ross/Jenner ride. The gang after conquering Fort Ross Road. From left: Joe, Andrea, Betina, Karin, Susan, Rich, Troy
  • Saturday, April 20, Fort Ross Rd. to Jenner. Here's where Russian River meets the ocean.
  • Michael and the Official Greeter at the Wildflour Bakery in Freestone
  • The venerable Tricky Ricky! At the Apple Box, where most rides begin and end.
  • "B's" and "C's" -- rendevous at Toby's in Point Reyes
  • Sunday "A" Ride, Chileno Valley: Carrie, David, Phil
  • Midweek Bloomfield ride: David, Joe, Karin & Susan. Watch the ride list for these, they're fun!
  • Sunday "B" Ride to Freestone: Ona, Kit, Susan, Karin, and Philip on his fixie -- back at the Apple Box after a Wild Flour Bakery cinnamon roll bomb!
  • Karl and Karin at the Tomales Bakery -- the best!
  • Lamb season in West Marin
  • How's this for an out-of-town ride?
  • Headlands from the Golden Gate Bridge. You can only get this shot from a bicycle.
  • Coming around the tower -- Andrea
  • Rob and Andrea's Saturday ride to Crissy Field: (from left) Doug, Bob, Troy, Rob, Karin, Carrie, Andrea. What a blast.
  • Check out the Wheelmen jersey! Matt Muldoon doing us proud.
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