Membership Renewal Instructions

To renew your existing membership, follow the instructions below. You'll find the log-in box at the lower left of the screen.

  1. ENTER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS - Type it in the text entry box at the lower left of this screen. We use your email address as your ID to access the website. 

  2. SUPPLY or SET YOUR PASSWORD -  If you don't know your password, or haven't yet established one, click on "Forgot password" and follow the instructions.

  3. CLICK ON "VIEW PROFILE"- All your membership information is here.  You may edit any part of it, and make any parts visible or invisible to other members. Under "Membership Details," you may click on "Renew until ...." to sign up for another year. You can revisit your profile whenever you want to change, add, or delete information. You can renew your dues online, or you can mail a check to: Petaluma Wheelmen Cycling Club, PO Box 584, Petaluma, CA 94953.

  4. RELEASE AND WAIVER - When you initially joined the club, you would have checked your acceptance of the release and waiver form. You can review the waiver here

  5. GROUP ACCOUNTS - Members log in with their email address and password. If you joined as a "Family" or at the "Carbon Fiber" or "Titanium" levels, you may add family members who may also log in to the web site and receive communications from the club. To enroll a family member, click on "View Profile" after logging in. Then choose "Add Member" and provide information on the family member.

  6. SPAM FILTERS - If you've allowed it in your Profile, the club may send you email notifications from time to time. If you use spam filters that reject emails from senders you do not know, don't forget to set up your email account to accept emails from admin@PetalumaWheelmen.org. If you don't get a club email, check your spam folder for blocked emails.


New Memberships

If you want to join the club as a new member, please go to Member Application.

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