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  • Monday, June 13, 2011 4:16 PM
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    Here is the following exchange between two mountain men.  Enjoy.  

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    Matt Muldoon of the PWCC here.  As you have surmised, the Wheelmen are primarily a roadie group.  I am an exception to that rule.  I’d be glad to show you around the many mtb venues near Petaluma.  By my count, there are about 10 different areas within a 45 minute drive from Petaluma ranging from good to outstanding.  On Thursday afternoon, I’ll be at Annadel State Park with a buddy for a short ride (about 90 minutes).  You’re welcome to join us.
    There is also a vibrant mtb racing scene around here, so if you like to race, I can get you plugged into some of that as well.  Every Weds night during the summer, for example, there are “dirt crits” at Howarth Park in Santa Rosa.  My goal is to make it to as many of these as I can.  I’ll be going this Weds and I’ve got room in my van if you’re interested.
    Finally, as good as the mountain biking is around here, the road biking is even better.  If you’ve ever thought of getting a road bike, well, think about it some more.
    Matt Muldoon
    Hello Ryan,
    Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, but my grandchildren were here for a week and it was busy.
    Anyway, I’ve “cc’ed” you query to our club president, Bodega Joe Conway, and our resident mtn bike expert Matt at info@fitsquiz.com.
    We are primarily a road riding club, but we do have some mtn bike riders, myself included.  Though I’m not as frequent a mtn rider as in the past.  We’d love to serve the mtn biking community, but haven’t had enough interest to date to get a program of rides and activities started yet.  However, I’m sure that Matt would love some company on some of his adventures.  And I can be persuaded with little effort to join in if it’s not too “big” an adventure.
    So please contact Matt and/or myself about getting together to get into some dirt. 
    Thank you for your interest and inquiry, Rick Moeller.
    Subject: Prospective member
    I recently saw a banner for the Petaluma Wheelmen.  Having just moved to Petaluma, I am looking for new groups of fellow cyclists to go ride with.  After looking through your website, I can't really tell if you support mountain biking and road cycling, seems to lean more towards road.  I only ride mountain and would love to learn more about your group if you guys dirt.  Thanks!
    Ryan Hernandez.

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