Saturday Geysers Ride Report by Matt Muldoon

  • Monday, April 18, 2011 3:37 PM
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    Saturday, April 16, - about 25 brave souls gathered in Geyserville to throw themselves at The Geysers like sparrows at a tornado. Roughly half the riders were PWCC, and the other half were friends of Christine Ruzick- “Christine’s Team”. It was a good group, relaxed, friendly and good-natured, every one of whom was there because they wanted to be. As we got rolling, the buzz of excitement and anticipation was palpable.

    The summits for which we were bound glowered over the Alexander Valley like a neurotic housekeeper over a dog barfing on her oriental carpet. We had about 10 miles or so of smooth sailing to get ourselves sorted out and warmed up. A steep, muddy climbed served as a welcome mat for Geysers Road, followed by sections of good pavement, bad pavement, pea gravel, and carrot gravel. We were strung out in small groups on the twisty, undulating, narrow road as it followed Sulphur Creek. If there’s one word to describe this country, it would be steep. And remote. And steamy. And probably hotter than heck in the summer. But for our ride, we had moderate temperatures and blue skies. The hills were covered with green velvet. Sulphur Creek ran with clear, inviting water. Perfect!

    Eventually, as the road climbs away from the creek, it gets steep- really steep. The exhausting grade seemed interminable, as if we had ridden into eternal damnation. Many of us were pushed to our limits and beyond, yet not a discouraging word was heard. For my part, I had an out-of-body experience trying to stay with Todd and Ian. The situation persists, as my body has made it clear that it doesn’t want me back.

    We regrouped at the first big summit, riders trickling in in groups of two or three to shouts of encouragement. For all, it was a tough climb. For some, it was the toughest ever. We celebrated the accomplishment and enjoyed the endorphin-enhanced camaraderie.

    The descent that followed was an all-you-can-eat adrenalin buffet for those that enjoy that sort of thing. The dessert cart offered surprise major pavement defects and gravel sections. Then, more toughing climb to the final summit. The view from there was spectacular, with the Alexander Valley spread out beneath us, the long rows of cultivated grape vines looking like vineyards or something. The final descent spilled us onto the valley floor like marbles from a downspout. From there, it was flat riding back to Geyserville.

    There were a few mishaps. Scott Andrews lost his keys, but that’s normal for him. What’s abnormal is that he retraced the route in his car and found them! Speaking of abnormal, several riders claimed to have seen and spoken to Richard Burger, who, like Elvis, is a spectral entity who makes occasional appearances to those of us still dwelling in meatspace. One of Bill Wolpert’s rims grew teeth and started eating inner tubes. Bob Marketos called in sick, his absence creating a maddening void of silence that I could only fill by screaming.

    Riding bikes in Sonoma County is always wonderful. On this particular day, it was an unforgettable adventure. Great people, spectacular, challenging terrain, panoramic views- what more could you ask for? I know- another ride!  

    Ride Leader, Matt "Be Fueled and Hydrated - Early and Often" Muldoon

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