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  • Thursday, June 09, 2022 9:32 PM
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    THE "pwcc-rides" LISTSERV IS GOING AWAY IN 1 WEEK . . .

    For some time now, we have been letting our membership know that the "pwcc-rides" listserv will be going away. That time has now come. As many long-time members know, the listserv was originally created to announce weekly Club-led rides. Over time, however, the listserv also became a vehicle to communicate a variety of other non-Club related information.

    So why is the Board doing this now? Three reasons: 1) We have heard from many members that they did not like the non-Club ride related communications coming through the listserv and as a result, unsubscribed. That left those same members without access to ride announcements; 2) The listserv is not controlled or administered by the Club. It is part of a member's private internet account; and 3) As part of a comprehensive updating of the Club website (which is on-going), the Board wanted to create a means of communicating with members that was under the control and administration of the Club and an integral part of the Club's website.

    In anticipation of cancelling the listserv, TWO forums have been created on the PWCC website for communicating with members: one called "RIDES" and one called "BUY/SELL/INFO". The "RIDES FORUM" is just for announcing Club-led rides by any Ride Leader or member. The "BUY/SELL/INFO FORUM" is for members to list cycling-related equipment to buy, sell or give away and for posting cycling-related informational articles or other information that may be of interest to all members. Members have the option to subscribe to each forum individually, or not at all.

    Subscribing to the two forums is fast and easy. Here are the basic steps and they are the same for each forum:

    To get to the PWCC website page with instructions to set-up forum alerts:

    – Log In to PWCC website

    – Click on the “hamburger” in the menu bar

    –  Select "Forum Alerts” from drop down menu

    –  A webpage will appear with the directions on how to sign-up for forum alerts.  (The direct link to this page click HERE)

    •• When selecting how often you want to receive forum alerts consider:

    > Immediately – forum post alerts are sent out as an email within 15 minutes

    > Daily – a summary of all updates for the day are sent at end of day

    > Weekly – not recommended because you may miss out on time sensitive info

    That's all there is to it. Please take the time to sign up so that you will not be out of the loop and we can continue to communicate important Club information as it comes up. Remember . . . the "pwcc-rides" listserv will go away in 1 week.

    See you down the road.

    Your PWCC Board


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